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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Director: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo Producer: Kevin Feige Studio: Marvel Studios Starring: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, Sebastian Stan, Robert Redford Without a shadow of a doubt the smartest, mature, and contemporarily significant entry into Marvel Studios library: a serious look at the nature of modern hyper-security and curtailed civil-liberties. […]


Ubisoft has finally revealed where the next fully recognized setting of their Assassin’s Creed franchise will be set in: Revolutionary France. I called it a while ago but now we finally have it in writing and in video. I think it’s a fantastic choice and them creating Black Flag before this makes sense now: They were waiting for next […]


This article is the online version of an essay I just submitted as University coursework. In some ways it is a more refined version of this article I wrote a while back, see what you make of it! ————————————– “The Royal Institution was the main driving force behind scientific discovery and popularisation in Victorian […]


I came across this a while ago and meant to share it sooner. I have a fascination with animation like this, something that tells a story without a word of spoken dialogue and still conveys a message. It is a lot like this gem in that respect.


“The Father of Modern Warfare and the Military Revolution” History has played host to many great military commanders and generals; brilliant men who have steered the course of history through a combination of brilliant tactics, innovations, and sheer boldness. In his memoirs that he wrote during his exile on St. Helena Napoleon Bonaparte is alleged […]


This video is 100% real. 650 meters off the ground with absolutely no safety equipment. One slip or mistake and they’re as good as dead. Some of the photographs they took during their ascent (the climb took in excess of 18 hours) are absolutely stunning. These two ninjas have their own Livejournal page and they really deserve the traffic […]

  I’m not sure what is it about this picture that makes me laugh and smile a little on the inside. The internet turns up some real gems every now and then.


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