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The History of Science in Society: The Royal Institution (19th Century)

This article is the online version of an essay I just submitted as University coursework. In some ways it is a more refined version of this article I wrote a while back, see what you make of it! https://daliennation.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/gentleman-of-science-michael-faraday/ ————————————– “The Royal Institution was the main driving force behind scientific discovery and popularisation in Victorian […]

The Singularity

Most of you by now know that I am currently studying towards a History degree at University but what you may not know is that I also consider myself a ‘closet white-coat’ and a ‘futurist’ at heart – I have an immense interest in science and the impact it has had on our past, present, […]

Precognition: The Science of Divination

Allow me to share a personal story with you all. For the longest time I once suspected that I might have had mental problems when I was younger. It was nothing overtly serious such as split-personality disorder or being overly violent (although I did have a reputation for having a short fuse!), rather I began […]

Gentleman of Science: Michael Faraday

History has many paradoxes but one that I feel is the most ironic and fitting is that the ‘Great Men of Science’ such as Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, and Albert Einstein have all been religious men as well as scientists. Science and religion have never been on the best of terms with one another in […]

Transhumanism: A Dilemma for the 21st Century

This is probably going to be the heaviest blog post I will have written to date, but is something I really feel the urge to talk about. The 21st century has thrown all manner of problems society’s way so far: proliferation of international terrorism, the overthrowing of Arabic regimes, costly wars in the middle east, […]