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Ant-Man & Age of Ultron: Thoughts and Theories

This article will cover both upcoming Marvel movies: Ant-Man and Avengers II: Age of Ultron. ———————————– Yet more news from Marvel. That’s right, barely a fortnight after Guardians of the Galaxy hit theaters worldwide the first image of Paul Rudd as “Ant-Man” has been released. I’ll tell you what, from the plot synopsis and gathering buzz around […]


I came across this a while ago and meant to share it sooner. I have a fascination with animation like this, something that tells a story without a word of spoken dialogue and still conveys a message. It is a lot like this gem in that respect.

Review: Sherlock – Series Three

Now that the dust which kicked up on New Years Day when Sherlock returned to screens has settled fans have begun anew the agonizing wait for the seemingly inevitable series four. This series, the BBC’s Sherlock, was an absolute smash hit ever since the first episode A Study in Pink aired back in 2010. Such was its appeal that Sherlock went […]

Did You Miss Me?

Remember what I said during my recent Sherlock spoiler discussion? Remember what I said about Moriarty being dead and “in no way returning in the foreseeable future”?   Yeah, I was wrong. Series review to follow.

BBC’s Sherlock: How He Faked His Death (SPOILERS)

On the 15th January 2012 audiences of BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ were left with an almighty cliffhanger and head-scratcher when their titular protagonist (remember: “heroes don’t exist”) threw himself from the roof of St. Bart’s hospital in London and ‘seemingly’ plummeted to his death after ‘seemingly’ being defeated by his nemesis James Moriarty. However, as a last-gasp […]

My 2013 Through the Media

Given that 2013 is nearly behind us all I figured it prudent to look back on some of the best scenes, chapters, stories, etc that I have come across this year. This retrospective will look at films, books, games, television, and songs; and is in no way indicative of a ‘universal’ consensus of what makes […]

Myths and Legends: Vampires

Welcome to the first part in a new series centered around the various myths, legends, and stories of the world. Truth be told, I’ve actually been thinking of a way to go about this series for a while now – I just haven’t found the proper way to do so until recently. Here are the […]