What have I been listening to lately? Vol #3

This anthem is directly inspired from the poem “and did those feet in ancient time” written by English poet William Blake in 1808 and composed in 1916 by Hubert Parry. “Jerusalem” tells the story of Jesus when he allegedly traveled to England accompanied by Joseph of Arimathea. During his visit Jesus apparently came to Glastonbury and declared it the ‘Second Jerusalem’. Glastonbury to this day remains the most spiritual place in England. With a republican mindset rising amongst Englishmen there is a growing call for this gripping song to be made England’s true national anthem, and really… who can argue against that cause once they hear this song? Although my views on nationalism are well known to those of you who frequent this blog I still feel that this song is incredibly powerful and frankly, how can you go wrong with the London Philharmonic Orchestra?

Moby is an artist from my past but I still find myself going back to a few of his songs.

Odds are you’ve heard this one before, and if you have… you know it’s extremely hard to not to sing-along to the lyrics whenever you hear it. A real gem of English music.

Just listen to it and you’ll see.
After all these years Slash is still rocking like a total boss.

What have you been listening to lately? Anything you can suggest for me?



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