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What have I been listening to lately? Vol #3

This anthem is directly inspired from the poem “and did those feet in ancient time” written by English poet William Blake in 1808 and composed in 1916 by Hubert Parry. “Jerusalem” tells the story of Jesus when he allegedly traveled to England accompanied by Joseph of Arimathea. During his visit Jesus apparently came to Glastonbury […]

Myths and Legends: Werewolves

Hello and welcome to the second part of this new series on the various myths and legends throughout history. This time around I’m focusing on another popular legend, a legend that has stood the test of time remarkably well and remains both a cinematic and supernatural horror novel staple to this day: Werewolves. This article […]

Myths and Legends: Vampires

Welcome to the first part in a new series centered around the various myths, legends, and stories of the world. Truth be told, I’ve actually been thinking of a way to go about this series for a while now – I just haven’t found the proper way to do so until recently. Here are the […]

The Man Without a Country

First things first. I feel I should apologize for not updating this blog with articles recently. I have been kept incredibly busy by getting used to my new job, adjusting to my second year of study, and seeing off the rest of my family from England. Now that I’m getting used to all of the […]