One small nation that keeps making history…

New Zealand’s parliament has legalised same-sex marriage, the first country in the Asia-Pacific region to do so.  Lawmakers approved the bill, amending the 1955 marriage act, despite opposition from Christian lobby groups.

New Zealand, my foster nation, has made history yet again by legalising same-sex marriage nationwide. For such a small nation New Zealand has a habit of making giant slices of history, it was the first country to EVER give women the right to vote in 1893 and has since become a beacon for equality worldwide – something reflected in it’s multi-ethnic and diverse society.

I’m a straight man myself but I can appreciate that this is a colossal victory for the homosexual community, another milestone reached after the Netherlands legalised same-sex marriage in 2001. Rumbling in the French National Assembly is growing louder as the number of French MP’s backing the same move grows at a steady rate with a recent motion supporting same-sex marriage legislation winning an overwhelming victory of 249 votes to 79.

Will the world follow the standard set by the Netherlands and now New Zealand? Is the whole concept of “Marriage” about to be profoundly changed in light of the 21st century?



  1. YES! We did it!

    To my disgust my local MPs (Waikato) almost all voted against it.

    This is the kind of debate people will look back on incredulously in future and will think “You actually had to debate that?!?” in the same way we look back incredulously at apartheid and segregation in America.

    1. Definitely agree!! It’ll be like looking back on the Civil Rights movement and saying “did we really have to have 2 different drinking fountains?”

  2. I’m going to rant about my country because I can. Things over here are ridiculous. Marriage equality is common sense. I know my country is religious (after all we inflict Fox News on the rest of humanity (so, so sorry)), but to me that shouldn’t even matter… it’s a civil rights issue. As the sister of a gay man, I’m used to the debates, the protests… Honestly, Nerd Dad summed this whole thing up really well with his comment on the apartheid and segregation. I cannot believe this is such a big deal, ugh!

    Major respect for New Zealand! Thanks for sharing, it didn’t make news over here. I wonder why? ::P

  3. So proud of my homeland NZ! Living in Ireland however, you see that for many people, homosexuality is still anything but a non-issue. Many people just cannot handle change, especially when religion is involved.

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