Spec Ops: The Line (AAA Drama…?)

A while back I listed, in no particular order, the most thought-provoking and amazing moments I’d seen during all of my years gaming. This game however, Spec Ops: The Line, deserves its’ own post. I could try typing out an entire essay on Spec Ops: The Line and why it is such an incredible experience for reasons that go far beyond the aesthetic but instead I’ll let those folks over at Penny Arcade’s “Extra Credits” take over as they will explain it far better than I ever could. Why does a seemingly simple first-person-shooter warrant such an in-depth discussion? Because it addresses some extremely sensitive and deep issues for a military shooter, let alone a game. Just watch the two videos below and see what you think.

Be warned, if you have not played Spec Ops: The Line and plan on doing so soon the following videos go into a lot of detail about the game’s story and ending. So…

Spoilers Everywhere

So, what do you make of that?
If you liked what you saw there, here is a link to the other works of Extra Credits – all of which are worth watching even if you’re not a gamer through-and-through.



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