“Caelum, Non Animum, Mutant, Qui Trans Mare Currunt” – The Italian Experience

This post is essentially a catch-up for those who have only just started or recently started following this blog.
Back in 2011 I went on a vacation to a place I’d wanted to have gone for years, Italy. As you may well have gathered by this point I am a History Major and also have a fondness for the Classical world.
I traveled across Italy with my father, documenting it as I went in a little journal. It wasn’t until I got this blog going that I started converting written text into typed words, and began sharing it with people. I feel it’s not quite to the standard of say Bill Bryson but travel writing is something I wouldn’t mind dabbling in someday.
I have yet to complete the conversion but I am confident I will get it done someday!

St Mark's

Day One: England to Italy
Day Two: Venice
Day Three: Venice (Piazza San Marco)
Day Four: Venice (Saint Mark’s Basilica / Arsenale)
Day Five: Rome (When in Rome…)
Day Six: Rome (The City Time Didn’t Forget)

Entries still to come: Vatican City, Castel Sant’ Angelo, Urban and the Spiritual.

Bonus points for whoever can tell me what the title of this post means!






  1. “Something (I literally have no clue what this is), no/not (this word can mean like 5 different things but I’m going to guess and say intelligence, mind… something along those lines), change, those who travel across the ocean.

    My high school Latin teacher is probably crying at his desk somewhere, for I have shamed him greatly. Now that I’ve left you a million comments and probably freaked you out slightly, what does this sentence mean?

    1. “Those who run off to sea change their climate but not their mind.”
      Basically means no matter where you go, you’re still you.

      1. I really like that quote, not so much the fact I really missed that translation… 😛

  2. Thank you for this excellent post. It took me back to happy memories.

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