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Spec Ops: The Line (AAA Drama…?)

A while back I listed, in no particular order, the most thought-provoking and amazing moments I’d seen during all of my years gaming. This game however, Spec Ops: The Line, deserves its’ own post. I could try typing out an entire essay on Spec Ops: The Line and why it is such an incredible experience for […]

“God is Dead”

Philosophers are the pioneers of contemporary thought, men and women that have facilitated direct or indirect cultural and social change throughout history. Philosophy is an intellectual force that has spanned millennia and likewise speaks across millennia, with many contemporary scholars such as Noam Chomsky still referencing and contemplating the works of Socrates, Francis Bacon, Machiavelli, […]

Philosophy and Morality in “Star Trek”?

If you’re a fan of the science fiction genre then there’s also a very good chance that you’re a humanist at heart (humanism is a group of philosophies and ethical perspectives which emphasize the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers individual thought and evidence (rationalism, empiricism), over established doctrine […]

“Caelum, Non Animum, Mutant, Qui Trans Mare Currunt” – The Italian Experience

This post is essentially a catch-up for those who have only just started or recently started following this blog. Back in 2011 I went on a vacation to a place I’d wanted to have gone for years, Italy. As you may well have gathered by this point I am a History Major and also have […]

Heroines in Gaming

Video games are not exactly known for being grounded in reality when it comes to portraying the fairer sex. We’ve seen cardboard cut-outs of women, women devoid of any realistic personalities, or even worse being depicted as nothing more than sexual objects for horny adolescents to fawn over. Whilst all of the aforementioned still unfortunately […]


It’s time to exhibit another essay of mine! I’ve yet to get the result back for this one but should be getting it soon. Don’t worry, the deadline for handing it in has already passed and since nobody will be able to help me in editing it I cannot be caught out for collaboration. “What […]

Screenwriting 101: Villains

This is an area I’ve been itching to write about for quite some time and now finally find myself with the time and examples to do it some justice. When audiences go to see movies they often find themselves rooting against the villain as much if not more than they find themselves rooting for the […]