Dead Space: Best Moments

Dead Space is a series that has come frighteningly close to being a truly ‘cinematic game’, a series that has masterfully incorporated elements of classic science-fiction films in order to bring the nightmares of players to life.
In order to commemorate the release of Dead Space 3, which I will have a review of up sometime during the weekend (UK release is 3 days after the US), I am going to recall here some of the best moments this phenomenal series has come out with.

“Automatic Quarantine”

Let’s get this started properly!
Upon arriving at a seemingly derelict USG Ishimura engineer Isaac Clarke and his maintenance crew decide to check a nearby control panel for information and then…
What a hell of a way to get your game started! Admit it, everyone who played Dead Space when it first game out jumped out of their skins when this happened!

“The Hunter”

In addition to being absolutely horrifying and seemingly invincible the first encounter with “The Hunter” was made even more haunting by listening to it literally stalk you throughout the rest of the chapter before another showdown which required a steady aim and fast reflexes to overcome. The Hunter then proceeds to stalk the player throughout the remainder of the game, you see it’s shadow behind you, you hear it’s blood curdling roar, and hear the ominous scraping of it’s scythe-like arms.
This isn’t even going into the extremely brutal death scene that befalls Isaac if he is impaled by this thing… you can go look for it yourself!


Ok, hands up: Who else jumped out of their skins and screamed when this happened to them during their first play through?


Visceral just loves a climactic opening don’t they?
When I first picked up a copy of Dead Space 2 I can distinctly remember the cashier telling me to “run, and run fast”. Only when I got home, popped the disc in, and started a new game did I fully realize what he meant…
I mean… wow. The first time the player has control and they are in the middle of a mental asylum, bound in a straight jacket, sprinting towards any sort of exit whilst Necromorphs are busy tearing fellow patients to pieces.

“The Solar Array”

Forced to abandon a solar array he has barely managed to power up in order to restore life support to the space station below Isaac finds himself plummeting towards the Sprawl at break-neck speed dodging debris and the energy ray itself. Notice the amazing ambient sound during this sequence? From the muffled sound of the surrounding chaos to the heavy breathing of Isaac in his EVA suit and its rapidly depleting oxygen supply… this sequence is just amazing.

“Moment of Truth”

Throughout Dead Space 2 Isaac is tormented by macabre hallucinations, stemming from his Marker-induced dementia, of his dead fiancee Nicole Brennan. Nicole’s incursions into Isaac’s sanity steadily takes its toll on the downtrodden engineer and more than once she tries to kill him… or is Isaac trying to kill himself?
This internal battle reaches it’s climax when Nicole seemingly grabs Isaac and forces him to confront his demons then and there, what happens? Watch and see!

“Cross Your Heart and Hope To Die…”

Here Isaac is forced to stimulate his brain that contains codes that can destroy the Marker, just how does he do that…?
When I got to this point in Dead Space 2 I had to put down my controller and gather my nerves. Performing eye surgery on yourself? Christ…

Dead Space 3 is out in the UK this weekend and I will do my utmost to have a written review up ASAP!



  1. Nice post! The ending to the first dead space scared the crap out of me though.

    As a huge Dead Space fan I couldn’t agree more about your cinematic quality to it. I actually did a post on my blog about how it needs to be turned into a movie.

    Looking forward to your updates for DS3.

    1. I’ll be sure to give it a read sometime soon!

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