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This Should Brighten Your Day!

Whatever happened to this side of Disney? Fantastic animation here, creative and tells a story without a single word of dialogue. Advertisements

Curtain Call for “The United Kingdom”?

We’re living through an interesting and potentially groundbreaking peroid of history at the moment with “The Arab Spring”, the very first African-American  President of the United States taking and retaining office, the economic balance of power shifting eastwards, and seeing the biggest challenge to Capitalism since the Bolshevik Revolution and “The Great Depression” of the […]

Eden Hazard vs Britain

Just found this great article from Brian Reade, a sports journalist. I’ve told this story before but in light of ‘Ball-boygate’ it bears repetition. During the 1971 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup semi-final, the ball landed just below where I was standing at the front of the Kop. As Billy Bremner of Leeds United picked it up […]

Final Fantasy: What Went Wrong (Part Two of Three)

Final Fantasy: What Went Wrong (Part Two of Three) Part Two – “Experimentation!! In the name of… progress?” As I said in part one of this retrospective I would eventually come around to addressing the pressing issues surrounding one of gaming’s most treasured franchises: Final Fantasy. Alas, this follow-up has been very much overdue – […]

The Soundtrack of My Life

They say that the life of a person can be told by what music they have listened to, songs which sing of loss and success, pain and jubilation, memories and ambition, places they have been and places they’ve yet to visit. For as long as history can remember music has been used to convey stories, […]

The Past In Motion

Look what I came across during a tour of my University Campuses’ archives! How well do you know your cinematic history? Can you name the gizmo in question? Can you also name it’s inventor and the year of it’s invention? I was absolutely stunned to see one of these in person, if you know what […]

Game Review – DMC “Devil May Cry”

Game Review: DMC “Devil May Cry” Developer: Ninja Theory Platform: Xbox360 & PlayStation 3 ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language As I have already mentioned before I have been on board with the controversial reboot of the Devil May Cry (DMC for short) franchise since […]