Idiocy of the Highest Order

It seems that the NRA (National Rifle Association) has finally broken their silence over the tragedy in Connecticut and sadly, it seems that insanity breeds insanity.
The NRA has called for the United States Government to put armed security at every single school, college, and university campus across the nation. Not just on playgrounds and quads, but in classrooms as well.

Do I really need to deliberate on why this is so earth-shatteringly stupid? Still, at least Charlton Heston (RIP) didn’t come to town to hold a pro-gun rally this time…

Get a grip on sanity please, before more people suffer.

The only positive from this ludicrous statement is that the NRA has just played directly into President Obama’s hands; if the President is serious about clamping down on guns the NRA has just given him the perfect proverbial ammunition.

One comment

  1. The NRA should be held responsible for the Newtown massacre. If one does not have a firearm, one cannot shoot. So eliminate guns.

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