“**** Yea” Moments in Gaming

If you’re a gamer, especially one who indulges in multiplayer games then odds are you’ve experienced a “Fuck Yea” moment every now and then.

When you feel like a total boss, for the right reasons!

For an event to qualify as a “Fuck Yea” moment it has to be something that you have done in-game either online or offline that has engrossed you so much in the experience that you’ve had to lean back in awe and mouth “Damn  I’m good”.
That being said, here are my best!

Battlefield 3: Operation Metro BEAST MODE ENGAGED

Battlefield 3 has some insane moments to be sure, the multiplayer is easily the best available on the Xbox360 (Sorry Call of Duty fans, this is just a harsh truth) and makes for some mindblowing moments.
Given the mayhem of this particular map & mode achieving a killstreak of 20 is a big deal, even more so when the Beasting player in question does not even stop to reload their main weapon.
Seriously, this is some John Rambo sh*t.

Dead Space 2: “I am Iron Man”

After having powered up an ancient solar array engineer Isaac Clarke is forced to evacuate said array and plummet through space back towards the Sprawl in what is probably the best moment in the series to date. There is so much to comment on about this sequence; from the muffled sound of deep space amplifying the sound of Isaac’s oxygen meter to the masses of debris that need to be dodged to avoid a nasty death… to the epic landing that would have Iron Man himself biting his lip.

Red Dead Redemption: “I’ve come for you!”

Those that felt let down by Red Dead Redemption‘s first ending quickly got one they probably felt was even better than a mere ‘ride off into the sunset’. After witnessing the brutal murder of his father Jack Marston tracks down Federal Agent Edgar Ross to avenge him. After all of the trouble Ross put the Marstons through, and by an extension the player, this moment was just too awesome to not put up here.
This ending almost has a Quentin Tarantino-like feel to it doesn’t it?

Deus Ex Human Revolution: Cyborg Shenanigans

What makes Deus Ex: Human Revolution work so well is that it actually rewards the player for beating the games mechanics; it feels great to outsmart the game itself, but to be rewarded for it? Kudos.
Oh yeah, there’s also that little factoid that you take on the role of a cyborg-hitman…

Batman: Arkham City… You’re Batman!

You’re playing a Batman game made by a developer who actually gave a sh*t about the character and his setting. Enough said.

Skyrim: Dragonslayer

Do I really need to say much about The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim? It’s a game that has devoured ungodly amounts of gaming hours and claimed the relationships of countless gamers, and for good reason. Skyrim is quite simply the ULTIMATE in abnegation and catharsism in gaming. Ever notice how RPG’s made in the West often feature the player themselves as the main character? It’s a topic for another time but suffice to say it makes everything so much more engaging and ultimately rewarding.
You could be strolling between towns when all-of-a-sudden the tranquil music becomes epically intense and you know sh*ts about to go down.

Next Time: Best Movies of 2012!

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  1. A rich post. Thank you.

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