My “OMGWTF” Moments in Gaming

It’s taken a lot for me to actually stop and say “What the ****!?” at something I have seen in a game. It can be either something in the plot or in the mechanics, something that still makes me pause the game and just stare in disbelief at what I have just seen.
Here are some of the best “OMGWTF” moments I have had in gaming so far,

Word of warning there will be spoilers for a few games here… so you know the drill.
Red Dead Redemption, Batman: Arkham City, Persona 4, Assassin’s Creed II, and Metal Gear Solid.
Before people mention it: No, I have not played Mass Effect 3 therefore I cannot comment on it’s extremely controversial ending.


Red Dead RedemptionThe Death of John Marston

After successfully wiping out the remnants of the criminal gang he used to run with former outlaw John Marston returns to his family ranch to live happily ever after, or so he thinks… US Marshals come knocking, after Marston’s life in order to erase the last survivor of the gang. Putting the life of his wife and son ahead of himself Marston speeds them on their way on the only remaining horse and faces down a posse of law enforces who promptly cut the hero to pieces in a hail of gunfire.
A tragic end to John’s story but it does set up one of the best “F**K YEA!!” moments shortly afterwards so it sort-of-pays-off.

Batman: Arkham City – “The Last Laugh”

“The Joker always gets away” goes the running gag… he doesn’t this time.
Comic book fans and gamers alike were stunned into silence when the “Clown Prince of Crime” finally gave his final bow.

Persona 4 – Shadow Battles
Persona 4 takes the classic trope of “facing ones’ self” to a whole new level. Here already established characters find themselves facing their shadows, beings which reveal some rather interesting hidden feelings… First up is Kanji Tatsumi, a renegade hooligan and all-around badass who is revealed to have more than a softer side…

Next up is “Ace Detective” Naoto Shirogane, a young sleuth who is revealed to be harboring some major insecurities beneath her cool facade. The use of symbolism here is staggering, can you tell what is going on here?

Assassin’s Creed II – “What…? Who is Desmond!?”

Assassin’s Creed is a series notorious for jaw-dropping plot twists and endings but the crown jewel of them all for me had to be the ending of Assassin’s Creed II. After successfully beating the ever-loving-sh*t out of the Pope (seriously) Assassin Ezio Auditore unlocks a sealed vault beneath the Vatican and is contacted by a hologram from a civilization that came before humanity as we know it. If this was not enough of a mindf**k the hologram, in a spectacular piece of fourth wall breaking, then turns to the player who is controlling Desmond Miles as he relives the life of Ezio and tells them “The rest is up to you”.
Desmond’s reaction at 5:50 says it best: “What. The. F**k!?”
Then there’s that little bit afterwards where Desmond in the modern day has gained all of Ezio’s abilities and uses them to massacre a lot of Abstergo agents…

Metal Gear Solid – “I’m PSYCHO MANTIS!!”

The boss battle which still haunts many gamers to this day. The fight against Psycho Mantis during Metal Gear Solid was one of the best “OMGWTF” moments which had players, myself included, screaming that phrase before they even knew it. What makes this such an epic mindf**k of a moment in gaming…? Well, I said it best during my overview of the character in another post: Mantis first turns your own comrade against you and forces you to knock her out before she kills you. He then comments on the content of your memory card and makes your controller vibrate uncontrollably in your hands (Which he keeps doing during the fight). Then, if he’s feeling particularly vindictive he turns your screen black during the fight making you think you’ve either had a power outage or your TV is broken. He also reads your mind by reacting to your controller inputs, making him invincible. On top of all this he has the ability to go invisible and levitate himself, making him move quickly and stealthily around the room while levitating various objects and hurling them at you like a scene from The Exorcist.
Despite these OVERWHELMING odds being stacked against the player for once there are ways to beat him which had some players literally screaming, if they weren’t already, “WHAT THE ****!?” when they found out.

So, how do you beat this guy? Now that REALLY would be telling!

There’s going to be more great moments like this to come in future to be sure, but until then: Got any to share?


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