Marvel Movie Universe: Doctor Strange

Stan Lee: Doctor Strange and Black Panther movies ARE in development.

MARVEL and their cinematic universe just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Not only have we got Iron Man 3, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark World, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ant-Man on the way but now we have Doctor Strange confirmed by Stan Lee himself to be in production as well.

Wow, that’s going to be a LOT of box office revenue… Not to mention that now MARVEL has the financial behemoth of Disney behind them you can bet that you will end up seeing all of these in the next few years. Some of you movie-goers might be wondering “Who the hell is Doctor Strange? Sounds like some Doctor Who knock-off!” Establishing a new name amongst audiences is always hard, especially in this genre where it is extremely easy to fall into a minefield of cliches, but I can totally see a movie centered around Doctor Strange working extremely well.

Too Long, Didn’t Read: Dr. House gets a heart and becomes a sorcerer.

Doctor Stephen Strange, originally of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania started out as an extremely gifted surgeon and diagnostician famous for solving high-profile cases and effortlessly pulling off complex operations. Despite his phenomenal talents in the medical field Stephen was a pretty poor excuse for a human being; egotistical and callous to an extreme, and only caring about high-paying patients and/or cases that would gain him more notoriety through medical journals (think along the lines of House M.D and you’re on the right track). One day whilst driving to meet a wealthy family in need of his skills Strange’s car careered off the road and crashed, severely injuring the doctor and causing extensive nerve damage in his hands – effectively ending his surgical career. Whilst Strange could have become a consultant or assistant his ego would not let him face the prospect of someone else taking more glory than himself. For months Strange threw away his wealth and status trying increasingly desperate procedures to try repair the damage to his hands but to no avail. So bad was his obsession that Strange eventually became a wandering vagrant, a path he stayed on until he was told of a mystic healer in Tibet called “The Ancient One” who could ‘apparently’ perform magic.

Thinking he had nothing else to lose Strange travelled to the Himalayas in search of this supposed legend. Despite almost dying on the mountains Strange found a cavern which was home to the one he sought, he spoke to The Ancient One brashly and demanded to be healed. Unsurpisingly the old man was offended, he told Strange that he knew exactly who he was and therefore thought him unworthy of the gifts he once had. Strange was furious and tried to force the old man to heal him but was easily overpowered by a mystic force which knocked him out cold. Unwilling to cast him out into the storm outside The Ancient One kept Strange under his watch, at least until the storm subsided. As it turned out The Ancient One and his apprentice Mordo were indeed two of the last practitioners of black magic alive in the world, their kind in hiding out of fear of persecution. One night whilst waiting for the storm to subside Strange witnessed Mordo, fuelled by the same egotism that plagued himself, casting a demonic spell to kill his mentor and become the only sorcerer alive. In an hitherto-unsuspected act of selflessness Strange tried to warn The Ancient One but was subdued and almost killed by Mordo until the elderly sorcerer came to his rescue and defeated the rebellious apprentice. By risking his life for the sake of another Strange had earned the trust of The Ancient One who then healed his condition and extensively trained him in the art of black magic. By the time Strange had completed his training he saw what was happening to the world (the events of “The Avengers” will have had a resounding impact on the state of world affairs!)  and spoke to his master about what they could do to help. Strange argued that given the sheer scale of what the world had already experienced then the resurgence of sorcery would not be as big-a-deal as it would have been in other circumstances. Strange’s plight won over his master who allowed him to return to civilization with his blessing, so he returned to New York City in the aftermath of the Tesseract incident and worked as a paranormal investigator, crossing paths with numerous superheroes and working with The Avengers on several occasions.

Doctor Stephen Strange is widely viewed as one of the most powerful inhabitants of the Marvel universe as his sorcerer training has given him abilities which range from telekinesis, energy manipulation and conjuration, to causing natural disasters such as tornadoes and maelstroms.

As for who Marvel has lined up for the role of Dr. Strange… rumors are abound that it is none other than Viggo Mortensen, yup, Aragorn of Lord of the Rings.
Christ… if they pull it off… (Rumor Mill)

Easter Egg!
What do you think about “Wolverine” being rebooted in the same manner as “Spider-Man” was? “The Wolverine” as it is called stars Hugh Jackman in the iconic role once again and has been promised to be a much more grim (aren’t all superhero movies these days…?) take on the feral brawler.

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