Top Five Bond Villains

Top Five Bond Villains
Villains in the James Bond franchise are among some of the most memorable in cinema and with “Skyfall” on the horizon it’s time to look at the all-stars of the super-spy’s rogues’ gallery. You might find that quite a few tropes and character elements from both comic books and other spy movies come from 007’s impressive run in popular culture, there’s quite a few here actually – see if you can spot them all!

5. Jaws (The Spy Who Loved Me / Moonraker)
Jaws is low on this list because he is not the centrepiece villain of each of the two movies he appears in, playing second fiddle to Karl Stromberg and Hugo Drax respectively. Despite not being the main attraction in the narrative he ends up being memorable because of his intimidating features and ruthless personality. Jaws goes through an interesting character arc of his own in Moonraker which sees him realize the error of his ways and which even drives him to help out 007 at one point. Jaws comes across as being slightly goofy in comparison to other villains but he still made an impact.


4. Renard (The World Is Not Enough)
Remember the line from The Dark Knight: “A better class of criminal”?
That was first said by Victor Zokas “Renard”, the anarchist with a mission. Renard was shot through the head by 009 but somehow he miraculously survived. Although he survived the bullet caused nervous system damage meaning Renard could no longer feel anything; both pain and joy.
Renard has no monetary, social, or political agenda – he just wants to watch the world burn. He posed a major problem for 007 as how can one hurt someone with literally nothing to lose?

3. Auric Goldfinger (Goldfinger)
Auric Goldfinger owns what is perhaps the biggest ego in the entire 007 universe, this is a man so intent on being the centre of attention that he plans to break into Fort Knox and blow up all of the gold bullion in there. Why? Because it would mean that his own gold would shoot up in price and bring people clamouring to him, yeesh…
On top of making death-by-lazer-table fashionable he can also be thanked for the immortal retort of,
“You expect me to talk?”
“ *Laughing* No Mister Bond, I expect you to die!”

2. Le Chiffre (Casino Royale)
How does one go about making a high-stakes poker game more enthralling and tension-filled than a fierce gun fight with copious explosions and stunts? Le Chiffre did it, and he did it well! The duel between Daniel Craig’s 007 and Mads Mikkelsens’ villain, played out on the poker table, is a definite highlight of the series thus far.
While not packing an overwhelming physical presence he still knows how to hit 007 where it hurts… any self-respecting man knows what I am talking about here… the horror…


1. Ernst Stavro Blofeld (From Russia With Love / Thunderball / You Only Live Twice / On Her Majesty’s Secret Service / Diamonds Are Forever / For Your Eyes Only)… WOW!
The mortal enemy of 007 and the definitive ‘super villain’, Blofeld helms the nefarious SPECTRE organization that pulled the strings of other villains during so many 007 missions. He is best known for making another villainous trope fashionable: Lurking in the shadows on a moveable chair whilst stroking an equally evil-looking cat.
The man that tormented 007 for over two decades, the man who constantly slipped through 007’s grasp, and the man who murdered 007’s wife just to make a statement – Ernst Stavro Blofeld: #1.



comes out here in the UK on the 26th October and I will have my written review of it up between the 27th and the 28th.


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