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Film Review: Skyfall

Film Review: Skyfall Director: Sam Mendes Producer: Michael G. Wilson & Barbara Brocolli Studio: Eon Productions & Danjaq LLC, MGM Starring: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Judi Dench, Ben Wishaw The last time we saw James Bond he was escorting the Queen of England to the Olympic Park, a light hearted reminder […]

Along Came Another Spider…

This is not my usual fare but it is a subject I have been watching develop for a while now and I think it warrants a discussion. I was never much of a comic book reader but I know how to appreciate good storytelling when I see it; it doesn’t matter if it is found […]

Top Five Bond Villains

Top Five Bond Villains Villains in the James Bond franchise are among some of the most memorable in cinema and with “Skyfall” on the horizon it’s time to look at the all-stars of the super-spy’s rogues’ gallery. You might find that quite a few tropes and character elements from both comic books and other spy […]

The Next Step?

Society has always felt the need to pledge alliegance to one thing or the other as a way of validating a sense of belonging; First it was alliegance to the state in Ancient Rome, then it was alliegance to one’s god in the early middle ages, then it was alliegance to a monarch in the medieval/early modern […]

Final Fantasy: What Went Wrong (Part One of Three)

Final Fantasy: What Went Wrong (Part One of Three) Part One – “The Golden Age” “Final Fantasy” is an RPG (Role Playing Game) series originating from Japanese game developers SquareSoft. It is one of the oldest franchises in gaming history despite the name “Final Fantasy” coming from SquareSoft fearing that the first game in the […]

Retrospective Game Review (Name TBA): Brütal Legend

This is the first part of what I hope will become a much larger part of this blog. I have played a lot of games that I consider “Hidden Gems”, games from the distant and not-so distant past that really merit more attention than they recieved at the time of their release. The exact name of this […]

Film Review: Looper

Film Review: Looper Studio: FilmDistrict / Endgame Entertainment / DMG Entertainment Director: Rian Johnson Producer:  Ram Bergman / James D. Stern Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt / Bruce Willis / Emily Blunt / Jeff Daniels When was the last time audiences had a time travel story made simple but solid? Looper, against the odds manages to do […]