Real Men of Culinary Genius

What happens when a bunch of friends decide to get together, load up on booze, and get a bad case of the munchies?
They end up creating dishes that defy human logic and shatter the calorie counter, behold: Epic Meal Time.
“EMT” as they are affectionately known are a small group of Canadian friends that have a huge international fan base and frequently upload videos of their culinary exploits on YouTube. They started this back in 2010 and have gathered ground swell ever since, they have appeared on talk shows and have featured in magazines for their work.
These Canadian geniuses are the ‘Yin’ of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Yang’: they don’t cook for families or customers, they cook to have fun and to be as creative as possible. They intentionally act ‘Over the top’ in their videos and the result is simultaneously hilarious and awesome.

If you have not yet seen what these drunk, bored, and hungry men can do when they work together then a few of their videos might amaze you.
If you are a vegetarian or not a big meat fan then these might be a bit disturbing… discretion advised?

Meatception: The TurBaconEpic  72,186 Calories / 6451 g of fat /

Breakfast of Booze      18,531 calories / 1005 g of fat / Too much alcohol to even comprehend…

Next-Level Fast Food: Fast Food Lasagna   71,488 calories / 5463 g of fat / Record breaking fast food bill.

Ladies, next time you complain about your husbands/boyfriends not helping out with the cooking consider what might happen if they let their imagination wander… the potential is there within every man to cook something incredible!

If you could go insane on a dish and make it ‘Epic’ what would it be?
Personally I’d take Jambalaya, easily my favorite dish, to the next level and add even more goodies to it. Jambalaya literally means “Mixed Up” so getting creative with it would be a cinch!


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