Assange vs America – Round 2: FIGHT!

Food for thought?
A little background on Julian Assange: Julian Assange is the founder of the notorious “WikiLeaks” website. WikiLeaks publishes political cables and leaked documents (Whistleblowers), the stuff that your governments and corporations do not want you to see. There is no fee for viewing these documents as everything published on WikiLeaks is free to view. The American administration has been feverishly trying to silence WikiLeaks activities by persecuting their founder Julian Assange on trumped up charges in an attempt to eventually bring him State-Side for trial. It has been a long battle between the Americans and Assange which reached it’s peak this morning when Assange was granted political asylum by Ecuador after being holed up in their embassy for quite some time.

Julian Assange was today granted asylum by Ecuador. British police attempted to raid Ecuador’s embassy and take Assange by force before the asylum request was granted.

Julian Assange offered to face his allegations in Sweden if they (Sweden) could guarantee he would not be extradited to America. The Ecuadorian government sought the same assurances and Sweden could not guarantee either. Swedish prosecutors or government officials even refused to meet Assange inside the embassy that has become his home for the last two years. The crucial fact remains that Assange has never actually been charged and has no arrest warrants in Sweden, he is only wanted for questioning – this is NOT grounds for extradition. Assange offered to be questioned inside the embassy or via a ‘webcam’ but the Swedes and British were adamant he be extradited to face mere questioning. Today’s move by the UK Government to attempt raiding the Ecuadorian embassy to seize Julian Assange by force is absolutely criminal and smacks of conspiracy. If people were doubting Assange’s concerns about extradition surely they cannot now?

Don’t get me wrong, Assange should face his allegations but he should not be extradited to do so and certainly should not be be treated as guilty before a trial. What really has me concerned is the timing of the allegations resurfacing in the wake of WikiLeaks publishing their biggest cache of incriminating documents and the insistence on extradition from the UK, Sweden, and America is HIGHLY suspect. It reeks of a political smear campaign through and through.

More worrying still, the Swedish have worked with the CIA before, with a rendition flight in 2006. What’s to stop them doing the same thing to Julian Assange?

The arrogance of the UK conservative government is breathtaking. Threatening to break into the Ecuadorian embassy and forcibly arresting Julian Assange is a potentially dangerous and serious threat to the man himself since they intend to press on with extraditing him. This is becoming a very sorry saga indeed, I’m ashamed to be British today.

Can the USA still call itself the champion of free speech when it seems hell-bent on silencing people who speak out against them?


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    Who is selling out who?

  2. jac1216 · · Reply

    Is Assange championing free speech? I’m curious as to what he is saying. It is one thing to be a whistle blower and to point out a specific wrong being committed by the government. But indiscriminately pasting classified documents to a website is a bit irresponsible if you ask me. There are human beings involved – not just some faceless bureaucrats or a room full of Obama’s, Bush’s, and Cheney’s – but innocent people just trying to do their jobs, who could find themselves in real danger due to this man’s actions. So while I support free speech, I don’t really support what he is doing, because he’s not really championing any cause.

    1. It is indeed a tricky situation, sensitive documents being thrown around the internet will eventually result in the wrong or least deserving people getting hurt and in some cases it will become ‘guilty by association’.
      It’s quite a conundrum figuring out where the line is drawn, WikiLeaks cannot withhold certain documents (Which I suspect is already is) and choose to openly publish others, that is being irresponsible and makes them no better than the hypocrites they are aiming to undermine.

      I still think Julian Assange is speaking out for the right reasons and he should not be silenced for attempting to bring the truth to the people. It is a sad day when a rogue whisteblowing website reveals more truth about current events than our mainstream media outlets.

      It is a very relevant point you bring up though and I’ll take it onboard whole heartedly.

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