Dead Space 3

If you have been following the gaming segment of my blog up until now you’re probably aware that I am a huge fan of the Dead Space series (Xbox360 Version). Dead Space and Dead Space 2 are two of my all-time favorites on the Xbox360 for their intense atmosphere, memorable characters and setting, creative over-the-shoulder shooter game play, and their numerous homages to classic ‘Alien’ Science Fiction.

Still, some players have been asking for the series to finally embrace the norm: Co-Op (Co-Operative) Gameplay.
Fans of the series are still split on the prospect of taking what was originally an insanely scary and tactful survival-horror series best experienced solo and suddenly adding an option to make it a shared experience. I’ll admit for a while I was uneasy about this change but have over time come to accept that this is the natural evolution of the series. It’s not that I prefer working alone, I’m an avid Battlefield 3 player so multi-player teamwork is second nature to me. The biggest problem I had with developers announcing “Co-Op Gameplay” is that I feel part of what makes the Dead Space games work so well is that they are deliberately designed in ways to make you feel vunerable (Eg: Over-the-shoulder view combined with no “quick-turn” function). Adding “Co-Op” lets someone watch your back and feels like you’re putting the training wheels back on. If this was the first installment in the series then I’d be more lenient, it isn’t though – this is the third entry in the series and veteran players should know the ropes by now.

Still, the “Co-Op” option is not mandatory, which makes my complaint somewhat redundant. This latest trailer has given me renewed hope of what I have come to like about this ground breaking series. It is looking less and less like a Gears of War or Resident Evil imposter and more like what I want the more I see of it. For those of you considering to get started on this series before Dead Space 3 arrives I cannot recommend Visceral’s games enough!
Prospective first-timers should heed my warning though: Dead Space is NOT for the faint of heart – Ye be warned!


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