Man Of Steel: DC’s Second Chance?

Man of Steel: DC’s Second Chance?

Audiences might have suspected that DC Comics (Rivals of Marvel) were watching the progress of The Avengers and have been waiting to see if, based on success, it would justify going ahead with their own equivalent of the ‘Team-Up’ genre: Justice League. DC faces huge roadblocks though, even bigger than the ones Marvel had to overcome.

Please keep in mind the following is my own opinion.
I’ve always found DC’s characters to be unbelievable, I know readers are meant to suspend their sense of disbelief when reading comic books but some people, myself included, have a limit on how far they will. When you feature characters that can fly at the speed of sound, are bullet-proof, have x-ray/laser vision, and are seemingly invincible to me they lose credibility.
Audiences these days seem to want their protagonists to be relatable and realistic, not just in superhero movies but in action movies too (I’ll get to the best example of this someday). This is why I feel Marvel’s recent films have been so successful: They took their “Silly Premises” and grounded them in reality, Iron Man and The Amazing Spider-Man being prime examples. Ironically this was a technique Marvel pinched from their competitors at DC as Christopher Nolan coined the term “Nolanization” with his work on Batman.
The Dark Knight series aside DC’s ventures into this revolutionized genre have been sub-par at best; The Green Lantern was a colossal failure and is a sad example of what happens when a director does not get with the times, and Superman Returns while an ‘Okay’ movie still felt dated.

This is what brings me to the just-released trailer above for Man of Steel. “The Man of Steel” is another name for Superman, as much as “The Dark Knight” is another name for BatmanDC choosing to reboot this franchise yet again in light of Christopher Nolan finishing with his trilogy is not coincidental, neither is DC using the title “Man of Steel” in the same vein as Nolan calling his own series “The Dark Knight”. In fact, Christopher Nolan being involved in this project shows to me that DC is aware that this is a silly premise (That and they don’t trust Zack Snyder do to this right) and they’re asking him  to work his magic on it like he did with Batman. Not much is shown in the trailer but what can be discerned is that the film is indeed a do-over and that it follows Clark Kent’s journey as he discovers his heritage and powers. According to interviews with various members of the cast and crew it will also delve into his personal dilemma of discovering just how different to humans he is and whether or not he should reveal his powers to our world and what the repercussions of doing so might be. This is a story I can totally get behind, and as someone who has made fun of the character in the past that is saying something.

On top of this movie being a success DC still faces the monumental task of re-booting Batman, re-booting The Green Lantern, and introducing Wonder Woman to the big screen before they have ANY hope of seeing Justice League come to life. Still I’ll keep an eye on this movie I think, this might just be the platform DC needs to finally get their project off the ground, and if their other movies follow suit they might be onto something special.

Man of Steel is out in 2013.
Are you looking forward to it? Does Hollywood need to cool down on superhero re-boots, especially if this means Batman is due for one too? Let me know via the comments below or via Facebook!

P.S: Looking at that trailer again I can totally see the influence of Christopher Nolan…



  1. As long as the Nolan brothers are around to help out, I’m totally on board with superhero movie revamps!
    And I loved your review of the original Superman, that’s exactly how I feel!

  2. I am on the fence about the Man of Steel film. For me, DC Comics superheroes were never as interesting or as engaging as the Marvel Comics superheroes. Superman was always a bit smarmy, Wonderwoman a bit too cliché and dated, Batman a bit implausible (seriously he has no superpowers yet look at what he does). I do love the Nolan Batman, but think that a reboot in the future if the Justice League is going ahead is necessary as Nolan’s Batman would not work with the Justice League. In saying that, I do not want it to be rebooted as we will probably end up with farce like Batman & Robin (the one with George Clooney).

    I think that if they had done the Superman Returns film properly in the first place, we would not have to have another reboot. Also, I believe that even if DC comics do all the reboots and the necessary foundation building films, I still don’t think the Justice League will be anywhere near as interesting or as good as The Avengers was.

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