Deus Ex: Human Revoltion to receive a film adaptation

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Film)

I mentioned in my review of this game a while back that Hollywood should really look into making a film adaptation of “Deus Ex: Human Revolution”, lo-and-behold – It seems they are.

The story of “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” is set in 2027, at a time when multinational corporations have grown in power beyond the control of national governments. The story follows Adam Jensen, the security director at Sarif Industries, a growing bio-augmentation firm. One day Jensen is mortally wounded defending Sarif Industries from augmented mercenaries hired for corporate warfare and forced to have augmentation surgeries to save his life. The company replaces much of Jensen’s body with highly advanced and lethal prostheses. Barely six months later Jensen, under company orders, becomes embroiled in the global politics of the human enhancement movement while searching for those responsible for the attack, and those that hired them. The story follows several controversial plot lines involving the rise of globalization, militant corporate espionage, human nature/survival, terrorism, poverty and the ethics of advancing humanity with artificial replacements for body parts and the implications of species-wide distribution.

This is all about the concepts of ‘Transhumanism’, “What does it mean to be human?”, and “At what point do people cross the line between Man & Machine?”. There is also a healthy helping of conspiracy in the story involving corporate control of nations, reactionary groups both political and militant, and international terrorism.

This could prove to be an excellent film adaptation if done right, the material is certainly available and with the proper direction could finally break the losing streak video game adaptations have had. Who would play the main character: Adam Jensen? Keanu Reeves would be ideal. Christian Bale might be needing some work now that Batman is done and dusted so there is always that possibility.

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  1. Stylistically this has the makings of a movie. I could see this getting something a la the Zack Snyder treatment.

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