“The Avengers” New Member: Black Panther?

Following the immense success of “The Avengers” MARVEL is keen to keep it’s momentum going and have announced that they are aiming to introduce several new members to the superhero team. Multiple sources at MARVEL itself claim that one of these is to be the “Black Panther” (Aka: Panther / T’Challa), the heir to the Black Panther Tribe that rules over the fictional futuristic African nation of Wakanda. Thanks to a remarkable herb T’Challa gains extreme agility, reflexes, strength, and speed. Fashioning a jet black costume paying homage to his tribal heritage and made of the same material Captain America’s shield is made of (Vibranium) T’Challa serves as his tribe’s defender. When events outside Wakanda threaten his nation, T’Challa is forced to step up to defend his people. It is during one of these adventures outside his homeland that he encounters S.H.I.E.L.D and The Avengers, joining them when he realizes it makes more sense for them to pool resources rather than go at it alone.

The intimidating suit T’Challa uses enhances his stealthy stratagems and provides incredible resistance to gunfire and projectile weapons.

The potential success of this comes down to the script and the director. Captain America and Thor were written off before they arrived in cinemas but thanks to Joe Johnston (Director of Captain America) and Kenneth Branagh (Director of Thor) they ended up being smash hits at the box office and paved the way for the mammoth hit The Avengers. The follow-up sequel to The Avengers has already been given the green light by studios (Unsurprisingly) and Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, and Thor 2 are in production to help set it up. MARVEL have expressed their desire to include more characters from their universe into the fold if it makes sense to do so. An origin/adventure story that establishes T’Challa with The Avengers could be done very well or be done very wrong, it all comes down to the direction – possibly more than any previous MARVEL film. Word on the grapevine is that Mark Bailey (Ghosts of Abu Ghraib) has already penned an approved script that Paramount and MARVEL are very pleased with, they seem to be running with it. Casting is apparently underway as well.

For once, I actually know very very little about this character besides his motivations and name and am pretty interested to see where this goes. MARVEL have yet to make a sub-par film in “The Avengers” storyline and I doubt they’d want to break their winning streak.


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