Sports – Eden Hazard signs for Chelsea FC

After an elaborate and long-drawn out transfer saga Eden Hazard has “officially” signed for Chelsea FC and will join up with his new squadmates in July after Euro 2012.,,10268~2797352,00.html

The club went official to put an end to weeks of speculation that saw Hazard (Or was it his agent?) court the very best of the English Premier League (Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea). Arsenal must have had enough of a fight keeping hold of Robin Van Persie to even try sign the Belgian midfielder.

The signing is expected to cost Chelsea a staggering £38,000,000. The only other Chelsea player to have amassed such a fee is Fernando Torres at £50,000,000.

Chelsea’s shopping spree shows little sign of stopping with the club being HEAVILY linked to Porto FC’s behemoth “Hulk” in order to fill the boots Didier Drogba has left behind.

Personally, the only time I’ve seen Eden Hazard play was against England last weekend and he did give the depleted England side much to worry about. He is extremely quick on his feet and has passing and shot accuracy to rival players like Lionel Messi and Xavi. I could not help but feel that England were purposefully man-marking Hazard with their entire defense, leaving midfield to cover the rest. It might work against Belgium but it certainly won’t work against the likes of Spain, France, and Germany.

Euro 2012 is just around the corner on that note. I’ll be mouthing off about it from here! Share your views if you want to!

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